Our audience clever, curious, design savvy and in-the-know. They think early adopters are actually late to the game. Already an active part of the creative community, our readers devour COOL HUNTING seeking content throughout the day for inspiration and research for their own projects. We give our audience social and professional currency. 

Quotes from the readers about how important CH is to them. How it's a regular stop, daily habit. How it influences their day.

"Shortly after we launched our first product, orders suddenly started pouring in and we figured out all the traffic was coming from COOL HUNTING" — Scott Belsky, CEO Behance (now Adobe)


"COOL HUNTING was the first to discover us. They eclipsed the response we got from established press outlets who’ve been around for 50 years and I credit them with putting us on the map. There is no other independent media brand in the space with such a dedicated, loyal and, most importantly, influential audience." — Justin Stefano, CEO Refinery29

where do they live?  global? urban?  what key cities?


What you need to know about our audience

We connect with the hard to reach influential millennial male, highly educated with a house hold income of $150k+ who actively engage with our content daily, predominately on desktop, for information that provides professional inspiration.


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  Source: Quantcast March 2016

Source: Quantcast March 2016