Retail Innovation Tour, Soho NYC

A look at creative applications of design and technology to enhance the retail experience, 26 April 2016 for the McKinsey Design Team

Acustom Apparel

Jamal Motlagh, CEO and founder, talked to us about brand building in the bespoke fashion world and leveraging the innovation of 360 degree body scanning, but not making that part of the brand's attributes.

330 West Broadway




The Apartment by The Line

Allee Goldstein, Director of the New York Apartment, talked to us about the balance between online and offline commerce and the role original content creation plays in customer inspiration.

76 Greene Street, 3rd Floor




Rebecca Minkoff

Uri Minkoff, CEO, demonstrated their interactive mirrors in the store's greeting area and fitting rooms and shared insight on how they're helping customer experience and providing quantifiable insight on product viability.

96 Greene Street




Marcus LeBlanc, Design Lead, explained the role of a localized design and retail experience within the larger corporation and explained the value of having the design team sitting inside the shop.

50 Bond Street




Map of our route, plus additional places to visit if possible